Britni and Robert

Every bride and groom has something to learn from Britni and Robert. Get this, it POURED on their wedding day, and not once did I hear anyone complain about it. They are the ideal duo to have on a day where nothing goes as you expect or as planned. Their bridal party ROCKED and by that I mean, they listened and laughed on cue. The venue is Brit’s backyard transformed into a venue; surrounded by family and friends these two tied the knot in the midst of flash flood warnings. So not only did it rain, but the Rolls Royce that was scheduled to pick them up, got a unexpected run in with an 18 wheeler. Fortunately, there is always Uber! Brit and Robert, thank you for going out in the rain to get great shots and for letting us be a part of such an adventure. We know it didn’t go as planned, but you have amazing pictures and a wedding story that will be better than any other.  We wish you the best.


Jennifer and Erika, Meeker Pictures