Savannah + Bayne. The Rock & Roll Bride and Groom Wedding

Ok, you need to sit down and make sure your computer or phone or whatever you're looking at this on has at least 20 minutes of power left.  Are you kidding me, these are so amazing and I'm not saying that because we are amazing (although ya know) but this is actually how it was at Savanah & Bayne's wedding.   Amazing details, super planners and organizers, happy faces, and beautiful voices.   Plus, when you know and love the bride and groom, somehow your eyes and ears are just a little sharper and your creative soul sings a little louder and this is what happens!   

We love you guys.  Hope you enjoy this sneak peek and we'll see ya when you get back from Mex.


Mark, Christine, Amanda, Summer and Lori, your wedding photography team.
Meeker Pictures

PS - Hipster shoe buddies for life Bayne, you know what I'm talking about!