Jake + Lyndsi. The surprise wedding!

Ok, so maybe surprise weddings are a trend?!  So here's what goes down -  Jake (handsome man) and Lyndsi (beautiful and smart) are engaged to be married.  But before they get married, they are leaving for an extended adventure in Thailand together.   So they plan a going way party for all their friends and family.  Jake and his buddies meet for golf in the morning before the party in the evening.  Lyndsi and all her girl friends meet for what they think is a mani/pedi spa day before the party in the evening.   Before the guys tee off, Jake asked them all to be groomsman in his wedding after the Thailand trip and everyone of course happily says yes.  Then Jake lets them know that the wedding is THAT NIGHT!  Surprise!   Off they go to play golf.  

So then the girls meet for a snack before manicures and pedicures, and Lyndsi has little gifts for all the girls and asks them to be part of her wedding party (date to be determined) and of course smiles, tears and giggles  ensue.   Then, she tells the girls that Jake has a special message for them and whips out an iPad and boom, he let's them know the wedding is going to be TONIGHT!   So, way more smiles, tears and actual laughing out loud.  Like LOL for a long time!  

Then all this happiness happened.

Don't forget the codeword!