Sara + Kole. The rainy day wedding.

Some people say, "it's good luck if it rains on your wedding day."  I think most brides would just rather not hear that.  It rained on my wedding day and it's been good luck for me!   Anyway, I think about that now and then when we photograph a wedding when it's raining.  To some folks, it's a major wrench in the plan, money wasted and blown photo ops.  To others, it's a minor inconvenience and the day just goes on.   Sara and Kole's day just went on!

When it rains, we try extra hard to make something memorable. We look at it as a rare opportunity to create a photography that says despite the thunder of life and our most perfect of plans being washed away without much effort at all, love can prevail. Love is like an umbrella.  You get under it, stay under it and ride out the storm. To Sara and Kole, we wish you all the best.  It was our pleasure to dance in the rain with you both.  

Christine, Mark and Amanda Meeker (and John, Sam, Mitchell, Ronald and Luke too)
Meeker Pictures

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