Katie + Landon. No Words for this wedding.

Katie's dad shared a great moment with everyone as he gave his toast at Katie and Landon's wedding at Briscoe Manor on Sunday.  As he prepared for his speech, he shared his thoughts about just "not having any words" to describe how he feels.  He said he feels the same way when he looks at his wife, or his kids, or his life and he shared how he also feels that way when he looks at Landon or Todd and Michelle Wilson and their family. I knew the feeling exactly and it gave me goosebumps and it's the first time I've heard anyone use words to describe the idea of not having any words.  I feel that way too when I look at my family and co-workers.  I think this explains why I'm a wedding photographer.  We love being on the hunt for those moments that "have no words."  There were plenty of those at Katie and Landon's wedding.  As we were packing up to leave at the end of the night, I heard Katie say, "it's over already?"  I knew what she meant, but I thought to myself, "no Katie, it's all just starting!"    Hope you enjoy these sneak peek photos below that are some of our favorites from the day.  

Mark, Christine and Summer
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